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In a world of non-stop content, and with the impending removal of third party cookies, brands are having to step up their content strategies to compete for audience attention. So what kind of content is getting cut through and how do you create a publishing strategy and 'hub' to house it?



Part 1

Part 2.

Exploring content models 

Why do content models need to evolve and which is the right one for your brand?

Knowing where to start

How to evolve your content models, what does good look like? And real world examples. 

Part 3.

The death of brand websites

In our previous webinar, The Big Brand Squeeze, we discussed the major impact Google's phasing out of third-party cookies will have on brands; particularly when it comes to audience data and rising paid media costs.

In this Part 2, we'll focus on the practical steps for creating a publishing strategy that aligns with your audience. From how you use insights to uncover what will engage them, to how you continuously create high quality hero, help and hygiene content. We'll look at what's been working across the FMCG world and which brands are really owning their space (and why). 

We'll also look at how you identify whether a content hub is the right step for your brand, how it could unlock higher organic engagement and reduce reliance on paid media, and how you get started in building a category-leading one of your own.

Wednesday 21st April


As brands set higher and higher ambitions on first party data gathering and building direct relationships, changes from Google are starting to have massive impacts on brand websites. Next to restricting access to third-party cookies, widely anticipated changes to Core Web Vitals are tearing into website traffic. And if they haven’t yet, they will from May.

Publishers are well positioned to win as they are content rich and Google likes content. Whereas brand websites are still not user-led, content is brand-focussed and enterprise tech leads to sometimes shockingly poor site performance. Not surprising that 95% of brand website content hardly gets seen.

Yet, there is a way out of this. Taking your brand hat off and starting from your audience needs, creating a publishing approach for your brand website and getting your technical performance house in order. It isn’t rocket science but brand owners are not acting fast enough. We share the facts in this provocative webinar but also practical support for brand and content leaders to turn an impending crisis into an opportunity.

Join us as we’ll explore the issues and show new publishing and tech content solutions available to brands and see real- life practical examples of how the likes of Unilever, Pernod Ricard and Danone have adopted these to fuel their data ambitions.



10:00am - 11:00am


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Learn why brand and content leaders should be concerned and how to turn changes from Google into a huge data and traffic opportunity for your brand site.


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Ian Colvin

Chief Strategy Officer, Green Park Content (Formerly Unilever)

Ian joined Green Park Content as Chief Strategy Officer after 24 years at Unilever. An early claim to fame was creation of the Marmite Love Hate campaign and more recently driving a Digital transformation in a global Foods division. His last role was Global VP Digital Marketing for Lipton Ice Tea. He will share some of his experiences driving large scale digital transformation and brand repositioning programmes for global brands.

Pierre de Greef

Digital Transformation Officer, Pernod Ricard

Pierre is a seasoned CMO digital specialist with 20 years experience, across 3 continents, on Electronics, Mobile, Entertainment and Spirits. Having worked both agency side and brand side, previously having been the CMO for Apple and iTunes in LATM, will bring a unique perspective to the discussion around the future of how brands approach their content marketing strategies. Pierre is now the chief transformation officer for Pernod Ricard, leading the digital agenda across the business. 

Jonathan Fink

Head of Search and Innovation, Green Park Content

Jonathan has unique experience of delivering Search campaigns over 18 years for large transactional consumer websites. Working with companies like Argos and ECCO Shoes, Body Shop and Ralph Lauren, Jonathan has huge experience in combining SEO with disciplines like UX, A/B testing, Mobile, Social, Apps and Marketing Automation to help drive online sales growth.

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Boosting content performance

How do you increase the effectiveness of your content and prove value to your organisation?